The appearance of the human pistol which Corporal UnKnowned Shadow is holding.

The Pistol is another weapon that is used by the C.S.S.O troopers. It is a weapon that us normally used for accuracy and damage. Also, many of the leaders prefer to be armed with Pistol.

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit


1. The damage of the Pistol is greatly appreciated.

2. The accuracy of the weapon is also appreciated, normally at medium to close range.

3. 2-3 Hits on the head can kill the opponent easily if aimed properly or lucky enough. Normally 1 hit on the head can possibly kill the opponent instantly. (1 hit kill on the head with human pistol has 20-40% of chance)


1. The Pistol has a slower rate of fire than the other pistols.

2. Shooting from far range with a pistol can give the enemy a lots of chance (about 90%) to take cover.

3. The Pistol's Bullets are very easy to be repelled by the PSI Blades.

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